Miesje’s DLC1 manuscript is now published in the Journal of Cell Science! Including a super nice research highlight, first author interview with Miesje. And YES!! we got the cover again with this picture ;)

van der Stoel M, Schimmel L, Nawaz K, van Stalborch AM, de Haan A, Klaus-Bergmann A, Valent ET, Koenis DS, van Nieuw Amerongen GP, de Vries CJ, de Waard V, Gloerich M,  van Buul JD,  Huveneers S. DLC1 is a direct target of activated YAP/TAZ that drives collective migration and sprouting angiogenesis. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2020, Feb 12; 133(3). pii: jcs 239947 [Paper]